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Cuba Playout running UEFA Euro 2016


Live coverage, highlights, press conferences and latest news from the UEFA: Media TV, the UEFA News Channel and the IBC Info Channel, powered by Pace Media‘s CUBA Broadcast playout solution, kept journalist and media professionals up-to-date.

The Challenge

The installation of a closed-circuit playout service at the IBC in Paris as well as at every venue with the aim of supplying press and media professionals with local and global information on the EURO 2016. This also included the live transmission of the games to all locations, the transmission of press conferences as well as the broadcast of summaries of the highlights. Another requirement was the creation of a graphical screen interface, which should display both general information for all venues as well as specific information for the particular venue.

The CUBA solution

CUBA playout servers were installed both at the IBC headquarters in Paris and at each of the ten venues. The operators at the IBC were responsible for creating the content and for the playout management. Via remote control, the content was distributed to each venue. On-site operators at each stadium were responsible for the local programming, which consisted of live broadcasts and pre-recorded content.

Media TV, UEFA News, IBC Info Channel

The media channels „Media TV“, „UEFA News Channel“ and the „IBC Info Channel” were specifically geared towards the needs of journalists, photographers and other media professionals, including general as well as specific information for the respective location.

Media TV & IBC Info Channel

On Media TV and on IBC Info Channel, which was the local Media TV Channel for the IBC in Paris, live broadcasts of the football games as well as recorded clips and highlights were shown. The program was individually produced for each local stadium and broadcasted to the respective stadium media centers.

UEFA News Channel

The UEFA News Channel broadcasted only press conferences. It was streamed over IP to all stadiums as well as distributed to the IBC via SDI. The press conferences were both live broadcasted and recorded by CUBA Recorder and aired in repetition. The UEFA News Channel was broadcast multilingual and therefore available in the preferred language for on-site journalists at the respective local media centers.

CUBA playout management

The playlist operator at IBC in Paris created the playlist of recorded clips with the CUBA playout management, distributing the files as well as the playlist via IP to all venues. The on-site operators at each venue ensured to switch from recorded content provided by the playout management to live broadcast of the football games.

CUBA workflow at UEFA EURO 2016

CUBA graphical interface

All videos on MediaTV/IBC Info Channel were displayed in a graphical interface, which consisted of a horizontal info crawl and an info flip on the right side. The info crawl displayed information that applied to all venues and was automatically filled and updated in real time via the UEFA RSS feed. This ensured that, on Media TV, only the latest information was shown. The info flip, however, displayed information specifically for the respective venue: schedules for press, interviews and photo appointments as well as timings for matches and training sessions, opening times of the media center and the cafes, information about parking, transportation, bus timetables and more. The information given in the info flip has been individually created for each stadium by the UEFA media operators at IBC using a web interface to access the Info Content Provider. The content xml data then was transferred to the respective server at the local venue.


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